Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Treasure from Oxfam

I picked up this intriguing children's book in the Oxfam Bookshop a couple of weeks ago. From the cover, it appears to be a teenage self-help title, but actually, it's a poem. Not a collection of several poems, just the one. The interior illustrations are totally different and much more interesting in my view:








I love that black-line-with-one-colour style; so 60s. The last page is my favourite; the legs along the top are just fab.

It's written and illustrated by Rosalind Welcher, who sounds like a right go-getter from the back cover blurb (writer, illustrator, designer, printmaker, cook, ardent sailor, woodland-owner), and first published in 1967. It's a lovely little book and so unlike anything that would be published today.


Peri said...

Same age as me.

I had one similar called 'A Friend is someone who likes you.' Great title.

Love the illustrations - gorgeous.

PG said...

New spandy blog layout? I recognise that style, I've got a feeling I might have one of hers somewhere - lovely style! (Same age as me too!)

Emm@ said...

I changed it over a couple of weeks ago. I'm very much liking the three column option.

vickeh said...

Aw, what a lovely book. Good find.