Thursday, 19 October 2006

Today's Firsts

First: Job in from Mark
First: Ride in a TucTuc
First: Time I've been to the cinema this month
First: Knitting project for Christmas started
First: Offer made on
First: House

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Been busy on the robin/Xmas card today. I think I have a basic robin I can work with and develope, and I've been having a play about with the trees as well.

However, I did get a mini telling-off from Mark when I called him earlier. He REALLY needs some re-worked picture book pieces from me minus the black eyeliner. Helpfully he's sending me some layouts tomorrow that I can work from , which will definitely make the process quicker. It's all the "Oh-God-what-shall-I-do?" faff that takes up all the valuable drawing time. That's Thursday sorted, then!

Yesterday's house hunting went really well, even if it was incredibly exhausting. I don't want to say too much just in case I jinx it all, but there's definitely somewhere we like. Just got to get money issues sorted. I'm trying really hard not to be already living there in my head, but it's not going too well!

I've also set up a new blog today. Nothing on there as yet, so you can't get there, but in a nutshell it will be my one-woman campaign for real chips! Watch this space.

Saturday, 14 October 2006

In a bid to develope my "inky" style - and TRY to come up with ideas for my Christmas cards - I've been playing about with robins and bare, wintery trees.

The robin is painted in exactly the same way as the inky dogs and pigs were. I think I may give him two tail feathers instead of three, though. He's looking a little too chickeny at the moment. I've also been trying out using thumb prints for his red breast, or just a scribble of wax crayon. Both are looking pretty cool so far in PhotoShop, but they need a bit more of a play about. Perhaps I could pick up something else a bit more unusual - or natural - to scan in. Like a holly berry or similar. Will have to go out for a forage!

The trees were loads of fun. I used the old-skool ink-and-a-straw method, and just basically blew the watery ink about until I got my spidery bare branches, which made me think of doing a range of spiders for Hallow'een.

Can't wait to get on with these! But they will have to wait until Tuesday, as we're off down to Cornwall tomorrow and Monday to check out some potential houses TO BUY!!! Hurrah!

Monday, 9 October 2006

I've spent the last week updating and re-jigging my website, only to go and upload it today and find a lovely "page cannot be found" message. Apparently my DNS is pointing the wrong way. Oh, of course. How silly of me not to realise. I've switched over my DNS, but now have to wait 24-48 hours for it to come into effect before I can even see if the site is OK! The tone of the email from the web hosting support team was slightly patronising and annoyed me, as did the fact that the guy, "Jonny", I was talking to wasn't one to use five words when one will do. Not everyone is an internet genius, mate. But never mind, it's sorted. I hope.

Went out for a gorgeous walk yesterday afternoon. The weather was glorious. We took the train two stops to Falmer and had a lovely wander around Stanmer Park and a cup of tea and a scone in the village tea room. I picked up loads of beautiful autumn leaves that I'm going to put in a sketchbook of "red things". I really like the idea of making little documented collections. The leaves really are stunning. I think I'll get out the watercolours and have a go at trying to mimic the colours.

We came back and I made delicious - even if I do say so myself! - braised lamb shank with leeks and mashed potato. I got the receipe idea from Pie by Andrea Boggiano, one of the five books I've bought recently! (There's nothing quite so cheering as the postie delivering a nice big package of books.) A gorgeous book with beautiful photographs and design, plus it mentions Brighton's own Pokeno Pies. I didn't have a big enough pie dish to make the lamb into a pie, so just served them as is. Autumn food. Love it. Can't wait for it to get colder.