Thursday, 26 April 2012

PBK 2012

PBK 2012 poster

For the fourth year running, the staff at B&H libraries are putting on an exhibition to coincide with the May Open Houses/Festival at Jubilee Library. This year is a bit of a departure, as we're not just open at weekends, nor are we tucked upstairs on the top floor. This year, we're downstairs for everyone to see everyday during normal opening hours, displayed on some huge frame/stand that I still have no idea how to picture in my head, despite it being described to me several times already.

My new screenprint (deets to come ASAP) will be in there. The opening day, 5th May, will be the only day we're selling prints, cards and the like, so do come down, take a look, and maybees treat yourself. All welcome!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Blatant Bit O'Plugging

I spent yesterday embroiled in one of the most tedious, yet most satisfying, of all self-promo activities, updating my websites. If you scroll down there on the left, I have buttons that link to all my various online portfolios, and my own website. I tell ya, updating all these in one day really makes you notice the differences between all the portfolio sites and their methods of uploading your work, and appreciate the ones who make it really easy for you to do so. Hurrah for batch uploading, I say. Anyhoo, the lovely folks at Hire An Illustrator have a handy news section, which I thought I'd take advantage of to plug my OUP stuff. Screen grab a-hoy:

hai news

If you want to read it properly, the item is here.

Isn't that background the most lovely design? I do love me a bit o'grey and yellow together. It's by Salt Lake City-based artist David Habben. Lovely stuff.

I think Childrens' Illustrators has a news section, too. I must go brag on there soon...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oh, Hello

O Hiyaz, Blog. Long time no see. Like, over three weeks. Ahem. Many apologies, I've been rather busy, but now I'm finally allowed out to play.

I've been colouring up the artwork for the Knights project I'm currently working on, and I was absolutely determined to avoid any 3am finishes as the deadline approached. So, no knitting on Wednesday evenings, no going to the gym or the pool, no long hikes at weekends, indeed, no going out at weekends at all. I tell ya, I feel DULL. Howevs, it was all sent off on time and the initial reaction was good, which is all I can hope for until the main feedback arrives late this week/early next.

I'm feeling a little under the weather after it all, not surprising as I've basically only had one proper meal a day (cooked by Hubbo), and have been fuelling myself at other times on easily grabbable carbohydrates. I also have that weird "You mean, I can have some time off now? I don't need to feel guilty about sitting here watching Downton Abbey and drinking tea?" feeling I always get after a deadline. Ahh, the life of a freelancer! So, this week is all about taking a breath, actually getting out of the house and doing some exercise, and eating food with vitamins in. Oh, yeah, plus catching up here and updating my various websites and online portfolios. Next week, I'll have a new print for sale, which has a nice story behind it that I'm looking forward to sharing.

In the meantime, have a couple of pieces of local telephone exchange box art:

blue monster

robot with blue lock

Both on West Hill Road. I do like the blue padlock, nice touch.

Installing The Bees

Installing the Bees from Matt Kuchta on Vimeo.
Neil Gaiman pouring bees into a new hive at 2,000 fps.

Beautiful. I have never seen a bee flap its wings before.