Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Dear me, where has the time gone? I suppose you're waiting for an update, eh? Well, it is about time I got off my backside and made a post or two.

Well, since the last time I was here I've finished the four spot samples I was doing for Lovely Mark - not without some hassles, the time difference being one - and they've been sent off to L.A to be passed around the "sales team" for their opinions and, hopefully, the much-coveted go-ahead for the whole project. We should find out this week, apparently, if they are going to continue with the full project. Here's just a little snippet:

I've also been working like a demon on portfolio pieces without the hated black eyeliner. I really need to do more of these. I think quick one-off pieces are the way to go, although to start with I'm taking Goldilocks - which Lovely Mark very kindly provided ready-made layouts for - as a starting point.

Not too heavy on the kohl, I hope. ;-)

It's much more like the Eeries in approach - ink outlines for a start - and much more "free". It's just a start, though. Much more to do. I'm not really liking his scarf at the moment - it looks too static. A casual over-the-shoulder throw might work better! And, of course, that's the in thing for young whipper-snapper bears right now.

I do find the B&W much easier, though. More fun. Good job too, as I have an appointment with an editor to go over the Eeries on the 28th, and they want to see my portfolio, too. Two weeks to produce some good B&W stuff.....? Let's go!