Monday, 23 December 2013

The 2013 Christmas Card

Well, (hopefully) by now everyone who I've sent a card to will have had theirs through the post, so I can share the 2013 Crimbo card without spoiling the surprise! Part of it has been up in my banner there since the beginning of the month, but here is the whole thing, front image and inside message:

With inspiration coming from this image from the game Minion Rush, which I've been addicted to since the summer:

(Can't wait to see Despicable Me 2; I've asked Father Christmas to bring me the 1&2 box set, fingers crossed.)

I went for summat a bit different from my usual/current style with this one: a limited colour palette in not-very-traditional-Xmas colours, NO EYEBROWS ON THE CHARACTERS (this is a really big deal for me!), and not very much in the way of shadow or highlight; I think it's come out quite well.

This is a way of working I'd like to explore more, particularly as it has the definite advantage of being very quick to produce! I also got the inside printed in colour this year, as it was included in the price. This may well be the way to go on all future cards; it ties it together with the front nicely as looks tres profesh.

I hope everyone has a very lovely Crimbo and New Year, I'll see you in 2014!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Sir Lance a Lottery

Earlier this year, the Martlets Hospice contacted me asking if I would re-imagine their lottery mascot, Sir Lance a Lottery. Um, well, you can't really turn down a dude with such an orsum name, so, obviously, I agreed!

The idea was that they would use Sir L on their literature and promo pieces and HAVE A 3D COSTUME MADE!!!!!

Here is my Sir L in full Martlets colours and regalia:

Sir Lance a Lottery

And the costume out and about at Brighton station this week:


Sir L 2

They were going to make the horse to go along to make a costume in this vein, but budgets dictated only Sir L by himself. And isn't he just fab?! I'm so glad I took this job on, it was loads of fun and I get to see him in 3D! (I'm so glad someone can fathom out how my illos would look from all angles; I certainly can't!)

I really hope Sir L will raise the lottery and the hospice loads of dosh.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Greetings from St Leonards!

Well, hello.

Hubbo and I are now firmly ensconced in our new abode in the lovely St Leonards on Sea, just an hour up the coast from Brighton. We're still getting used to the new travel route to our respective jobs and we're still surrounded by boxes, but the new flat, and the area, and the how blummin' QUIET it is compared to the old gaff is just lovely.

More photos to follow once we're a little more settled, but, for now, have a sunset, taken today at 4.10pm on the seafront, a mere five minute amble away:

sunset 2nd dec 2013 410pm