Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Paper Watch Project

A few months back, I heard about Templar Publishing's Paper Watch Project and decided I'd have a go in the name of charidee, and, of course, for the sheer fun of it.

I took my paper watch on holiday to Wales with me at the end of August; I just grabbed the blank watch, a fine liner and a clutch of coloured pencils in a rather limited colour palette, and chucked it all in my luggage last minute, working on it at the massive kitchen table in the cottage in between platefuls of birthday cake and endless cups of tea. I went for a kind of amoeba/bacteria vibe, all coloured BY HAND using your ACTUAL, PHYSICAL COLOURED PENCILS. No ctrl+z here, I can tell ya. Here it is:

Part of my #paperwatch


Anyhoo, I finished it off, sent it back to Templar, and then had the inevitable pangs of envy/angst when all the other watches created by all the other fabulous illustrators involved appeared on Twitter and the like! (Par for the course, natch; it's an occupational hazard.)

The action is in aid of Breast Cancer Care and will run from Sunday 3rd - Sunday 10th November with all the details here. Please do go take a look; it's for a very good cause and all the watches are just lovely.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Shop Re-Jig

If you're at all familiar with lovely online crafty space Folksy, you might notice they've had a revamp recently. I've just re-jigged my shop here, and listed a few things I didn't realise I still had; a couple more WANTED/BB Wolf posters (and therefore my super-bargainous Bumper Print Deal), and my one and only copy of my Fantastic Mr Fox Giclee print.

Go take a look, the updated beta UI is very nice:

shop front

Monday, 14 October 2013

So Much Drawing, so Little Time to Blog

The title of this post sums it all up, really. However, all my recent projects are finished for now, with the next one not starting until the end of November. This means I can have a nice break and crack on with some personal work, my Christmas card (sorry to use the "C" word already), and all that boring admin stuff that gets left by the wayside when all the scribbling is in production.

Annnnnd, relax. Here is a nice, soothing butterfly to relax and calm us all down: