Friday, 28 September 2012

Time for a Break

Is that daylight? Fresh air?

I seem to have spent the last week totally holed up at home, hiding from the rain and colouring for all I'm worth! The WIP photos I've been posting are from my latest project which I'm desperately trying to finish off before Hubbo and I go off for a little break to Cornwall tomorrow. I think I'm going to need a couple more days when I get back, but my publishers seem OK with that.

We also, and I can't quite believe it's taken me two weeks to write about it, popped along to Renegade in the 15th and got to see lots of fab crafty work for sale, and to meet up with Deb, who is always lovely. Thanks to a late birthday present of "Craft Fair Vouchers" (ie, cold, hard cash) from Lovely Ellie and Lovely Clarkie, I had a bit of cash to splash, and came away with these beauties:



The hedgehog pincushion, screenprinted lion Moleskin and screenprinted sunshine card are all by Deb (that's my arm in that photo there, btw. Famous at last!), the fox and tea card (foxes and tea in one image? I'm there) by Kayleigh, Deb's stallmate, and the anatomical heart screenprinted card by Kinaloon. Very happy with the haul.

Well, I'm off for my well-deserved break. I have a couple of scheduled posts popping up over the next couple of days, but I'll be back in a week. Bye!

Friday, 7 September 2012

I'm Off to This For Deffo Next Weekend

Lovely Deb the Ladysnail is going to be there (who I'm very excited about seeing IRL again after our first IRL meeting about five years ago now), plus a whole host of other fabulous makers and craftsers selling their wares. I really wish I wasn't so skint right now. Gah.