Sunday, 31 March 2013

Time for a Catch Up

Hiyaz Blog, long time no see.

Well, what a crazy seven weeks or so it has been. I've pretty much been chained to my desk scribbling away, somehow managing to complete seven different projects in six weeks, as well as working at the libraries and re-decorating the living room. I'm rather lacking in Vitamin D, and I'd really like to speak to people who are not:

a) art directors
b) my husband
c) working at/visiting B&H Libraries

I'd love to give a full update now, but even thinking about it all is rather knackering, and so I think it's one that's going to have to come in stages. For now, Happy Easter!


(Urg. I still can't look at Mini Eggs without feeling queasy. It's been three years since I OD'd on them, but even now the thought of them makes me shudder. Sad, but true.)