Tuesday, 20 November 2007

SOSF Christmas exchange

I've just announced over at the SOSF that there is to be a Christmas exchange with the theme "The Twelve Days of Christmas". The sign- up deadline will be Friday 30th November, with a post-off date of Monday 10th of December. Please read through the FAQs and email me from here if you wish to take part with your name, blog address and postal address. There will be a full invitation posted later this week.

EDIT: Here is the invite*:

*Please excuse my dreadful spelling of "swimming". Apparently it doesn't always have two Ms.

Monday, 19 November 2007

"OMG, Emma's joined a Facebook for knitting."

...said my sister, Holly. And the truth is yes. Yes I have. It's called Ravelry and it's highly addictive. It has rekindled my long-waning entusiasm for knitting and I love it for it. Hip hip hurrah for Ravelry! You can see my Ravelry profile here.

I've put my fingerless mittens up on my etsy shop today. I also finished off a blue pair last night, but my mum's friend Daphne bought them off me straight away. Resultamundo! I'd post a picture, but it seems Blogger has a huff on this evening and refuses to co-operate. I'll stick it up here later if it's in a better mood.

EDIT: Here are the pictures of the mittens:

And even better, I've already sold them on Etsy, too!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I finally received the tags I ordered for my knitted monsters. Unfortunately, they sent me iron-on tags instead of sew-on, but it was too late to send them back. Even though they weren't precisely what I wanted, they still look pretty fab, don'tcha think?

I managed to send all the monsters off to HK Handknit on Friday, so all I have to do now is update my Naughty Little Monsters blog with all the info for each monster - once I have a spare minute that is! Things are deadline-crazy here. I'd be glad for a minute to catch my breath. Here are a few of the finished fellas:

Friday, 2 November 2007

Trick or Treat?

How beautiful are these things?

This is my lovely Trick or Treat package from my Secret Fairy, Naturegirl. How fab are those socks, huh? Or those "E" shaped sticky notes? Now they are pretty damn cool. And the buttons!

The silver pouch holds an amazing Green Tea Ball. Look what happens when you put it in hot water:

And it tasted amazing too, very slighty of roses, like drinking perfume.

Thank you so much, Naturegirl. A fabulous present.