Monday, 19 November 2007

"OMG, Emma's joined a Facebook for knitting."

...said my sister, Holly. And the truth is yes. Yes I have. It's called Ravelry and it's highly addictive. It has rekindled my long-waning entusiasm for knitting and I love it for it. Hip hip hurrah for Ravelry! You can see my Ravelry profile here.

I've put my fingerless mittens up on my etsy shop today. I also finished off a blue pair last night, but my mum's friend Daphne bought them off me straight away. Resultamundo! I'd post a picture, but it seems Blogger has a huff on this evening and refuses to co-operate. I'll stick it up here later if it's in a better mood.

EDIT: Here are the pictures of the mittens:

And even better, I've already sold them on Etsy, too!


Pea said...

Emm@ this site looks ace! I really need to learn how to knit properly so that I can join in the fun! x

Rima said...

Hello Emm@ and mittens :) Just stumbled across you here in blog land ... now I have one too .. and lo and behold you've got my etsy shop here :) Ta ... & hope all's fine and dandy with you x Rima

Catherine said...

The mitteny wristwarmery fingerless glove-ies are fab :)
Well done on the sales

But...that's not coffee in that mug is it? Looks like ribena...

Emm@ said...

Hi Rima! Nice to see you.

Cat, it's actually very stewed tea! Looks LOVELY doesn't it?!

mermaid_misk said...

ooooh i cant wait for mine!!! xx