Friday, 8 August 2008

This week has been pretty good.

My postcards arrived from Vistaprint on Tuesday, only taking eight days from uploading them to receiving them. Excellent. Will be sending them out ASAP, maybe in a couple of waves.

My family also came to see me on Tuesday, and we had a great time hanging out, wetting myself with laughter at my crazy sisters and eating ice cream.

I've been knitting A LOT, and can't seem to drag myself away from my WIPs.

I could possibly have another illustration job in the offing, just got to wait for the contract.

I went to Stitch n Bitch on Wednesday, hung out with the lovely ladies, and then Steph and I went for dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, where I had my traditional chicken, camembert and cranberry burger washed down with a banana milkshake. Yum.

I uploaded some repackaged badge sets to my etsy shop (pics on the right) and opened a new shop at Folksy, where I've put up a couple of monsters and a few button bracelets.

I cleared out my wardrobe and took a whole load of stuff to Oxfam.

And then promptly went and spent too much in Primark on three tops and a lovely new purple autumn coat.

I also bought this mug, which rocks, by the way: