Friday, 20 February 2009

Dye Workshop

Today Steph and I went over to the lovely Jan's in Hove to do a bit of hand-dyeing. Jan is a yarn-dyer extraordinaire and was willing (crazy) enough to teach the pair of us a couple of different techniques. It was awesome, in a word. I dyed two skiens. The first I hope will become Hufflepuff socks in black and yellow stripes and flecks. This one was "painted" using a sponge and a pipet.




The other skien - a nice, mottled green which we christened "Eden" - was coloured using what we termed the "dribble and turn" method. Basically, you dribble your chosen dye(s) randomly over it, then turn it over and repeat. Easy, huh? The picture shows the near-completed skien just with a few un-dyed patches left to cover.


Once we were done, the damp skiens were covered in clingfilm, nuked in the microwave, then left to cool. I shall collect my finished products on Wednesday once they're properly dry. Can't wait!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Ultimate Reward

Last Friday I finally got paid from a job I did in the summer. I promised myself, as it was a decent amount of money (thank Gawd, as the job itself turned into a nightmare), that once it came in, I would at last buy myself the one kitchen appliance I have wanted for about five years:


Hom nom nom.

Previous Boyfriend always told me I couldn't have one. I think he thought it was too much money to spend on a toaster, but it's a quality product and will last years and years. Maybe my un-born nephews and nieces can inherit it and make toast with it well into the next half of the century. I also bought it online for a totally bargainous price, so all in all, I am uber chuffed.





Oh, and of course, it makes excellent toast.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

I was going to post yesterday about how spring-like everything was suddenly beginning to feel, but then we got this:








I am supposed to be working at a branch library right now, but as there are no buses today I can't get there. Apparently all the libraries are shut, anyway. As are the schools.* And a lot of offices. Bizarre. A proper, bona fide Snow Day! We just don't get snow like this; not since I was a lil'un, anyway. And it's doubly bizarre in Brighton as we're on the coast and that usually means it doesn't lay even if a few flakes do fall. I'm not complaining, though. I love the snow. I love how peaceful it makes everything. I'm going to potter about today; working on colouring up Frogs III, a bit of housework, then I think hot chocolate, knitting and a good film under the duvet. Lovely.

* I just have to say, what are young fella-me-lads of around 14/15 years of age thinking when they go outside with just a hoodie on, but no coat, scarf, gloves or even proper shoes? What a way to ruin your Converse, says Grandma over here.