Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

I was going to post yesterday about how spring-like everything was suddenly beginning to feel, but then we got this:








I am supposed to be working at a branch library right now, but as there are no buses today I can't get there. Apparently all the libraries are shut, anyway. As are the schools.* And a lot of offices. Bizarre. A proper, bona fide Snow Day! We just don't get snow like this; not since I was a lil'un, anyway. And it's doubly bizarre in Brighton as we're on the coast and that usually means it doesn't lay even if a few flakes do fall. I'm not complaining, though. I love the snow. I love how peaceful it makes everything. I'm going to potter about today; working on colouring up Frogs III, a bit of housework, then I think hot chocolate, knitting and a good film under the duvet. Lovely.

* I just have to say, what are young fella-me-lads of around 14/15 years of age thinking when they go outside with just a hoodie on, but no coat, scarf, gloves or even proper shoes? What a way to ruin your Converse, says Grandma over here.


Holly said...

OMG SNOW!!!!!!!! Did those people know you were taking the piccies?? Coz they're awesome poses if not!

Scottie cute!! And the girl in the first photo has some awesome wellies :D

OMG what was I gonna write?! I dunno...hope it snows tomorrow too :D

Emm@ said...

Nope, they had no idea!!

Holly said...

Coolio. Then congrats on your skillful snapping, m'dear.

Mum and Slopbucket just watched the video and peeped at the piccies, and they were impressed too :D