Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Ultimate Reward

Last Friday I finally got paid from a job I did in the summer. I promised myself, as it was a decent amount of money (thank Gawd, as the job itself turned into a nightmare), that once it came in, I would at last buy myself the one kitchen appliance I have wanted for about five years:


Hom nom nom.

Previous Boyfriend always told me I couldn't have one. I think he thought it was too much money to spend on a toaster, but it's a quality product and will last years and years. Maybe my un-born nephews and nieces can inherit it and make toast with it well into the next half of the century. I also bought it online for a totally bargainous price, so all in all, I am uber chuffed.





Oh, and of course, it makes excellent toast.


Jayleon said...

Yummy! Now I can get to to try the delights of Marmite on toast. Marmite on crumpets. Marmite on ANYTHING!

Moo Woo Wah Ha!

Holly said...

OMG it's bootiful...but why three toasty bits? What a random number...

It's all red and shiny ^^

It's also as if you read my mind...

Marmite? It's disgusting :o

PG said...

Previous b/friend was sooo wrong! It is gorgeous. I have found that on the rare occasions I have had funds to buy high end stuff, it has lasted infinitely (like my Betty Jackson jumper, 13 years old and still just about acceptable, in bed at least).

Marmite is the food of the Gods.

natural attrill said...

I LOVE that toaster!

Deb said...

mmm super nice toaster! you deserve to treat yourself. in response to the screen-printing at home question, i do screenprint at home. i have two screens which are just abit bigger than A3 in size. I print simple things that require i dont have to 'register' to get it line up on paper or with other layers. i usually go to artlab at preston on a wednesday to print but am unable to do so at the moment due to money being tight. there is a place in salford i could go to - just need to move my lazy self to get there or find some lovely people willing to let me print with their facilities.dx.

Emm@ said...

I know, it is lovely, isn't it?

I went for three slices as two seemed too stingy and I don't have room for the four or six slice version! Might have been misconstrued as greedy, anyway.;) It's really cool as you can tell it how many slices to toast, so if you only want one slice (shocking, I know) you just turn the dial to "1" and only one element heats up.

Up until very recently I would've said Marmite mings big time, but I tried some a couple of weeks ago for the first time in years and it was OK. I wouldn't say I really liked it, but I didn't spit it out in disgust as I would've done as a wee nipper.