Friday, 2 November 2007

Trick or Treat?

How beautiful are these things?

This is my lovely Trick or Treat package from my Secret Fairy, Naturegirl. How fab are those socks, huh? Or those "E" shaped sticky notes? Now they are pretty damn cool. And the buttons!

The silver pouch holds an amazing Green Tea Ball. Look what happens when you put it in hot water:

And it tasted amazing too, very slighty of roses, like drinking perfume.

Thank you so much, Naturegirl. A fabulous present.


bella principessa said...

That is fabulous. The SOSF is seriously the best thing I've ever stumbled across.

Naturegirl said...

You are so very welcome! The tea ball is magical isn't it! I love drinking this rose tea!You know I did get that teaball from the fairies..shhh..hugs NG