Thursday, 26 April 2012

PBK 2012

PBK 2012 poster

For the fourth year running, the staff at B&H libraries are putting on an exhibition to coincide with the May Open Houses/Festival at Jubilee Library. This year is a bit of a departure, as we're not just open at weekends, nor are we tucked upstairs on the top floor. This year, we're downstairs for everyone to see everyday during normal opening hours, displayed on some huge frame/stand that I still have no idea how to picture in my head, despite it being described to me several times already.

My new screenprint (deets to come ASAP) will be in there. The opening day, 5th May, will be the only day we're selling prints, cards and the like, so do come down, take a look, and maybees treat yourself. All welcome!

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