Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Been busy on the robin/Xmas card today. I think I have a basic robin I can work with and develope, and I've been having a play about with the trees as well.

However, I did get a mini telling-off from Mark when I called him earlier. He REALLY needs some re-worked picture book pieces from me minus the black eyeliner. Helpfully he's sending me some layouts tomorrow that I can work from , which will definitely make the process quicker. It's all the "Oh-God-what-shall-I-do?" faff that takes up all the valuable drawing time. That's Thursday sorted, then!

Yesterday's house hunting went really well, even if it was incredibly exhausting. I don't want to say too much just in case I jinx it all, but there's definitely somewhere we like. Just got to get money issues sorted. I'm trying really hard not to be already living there in my head, but it's not going too well!

I've also set up a new blog today. Nothing on there as yet, so you can't get there, but in a nutshell it will be my one-woman campaign for real chips! Watch this space.


Julia said...

I just love robins little tuft!

Holly said...

Ah, you fool!! No 'e' on the end of develop!

But I do love a nice robin!