Wednesday, 23 June 2010

First Go With a Wacom


Hmmm. Going to need a WHOLE lot more practice with this baby, currently on loan from Lovely Jo. It's harder than it looks. By about a million miles. Any advice for a tablet virgin from you oh-so-experienced artists out there?


Jon Davis said...

Hiya, I do all my drawing with a Wacom, and will endeavour to help if I can :)
I suppose the main thing is which art software you're using.
I use Photoshop, which picks up the pressure variation nicely, and there are a few brushes in it that make a fairly painterly effect, though different from real paints.

I don't really use any of the posh features that the tablet has, it just gives me line variation, and everything else is in the art program.

I like the picture you've done, he's a nice character.
The fact he was done with an unfamiliar tool doesn't really matter.
Let me know any queries you have and I'll try and help :)

Deb said...

Emma - we are too simialr by far - i have been looking at borrowing my friend - katie's wacom as i am finding a mouse too clunky to clean up drawings and prepare screen layers on photoshop! just keeping trying - see if there are any tutorials you can work through and i am sure you will be fine after plenty of practise.dx