Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mermaid Mug

Happy Birthday, Eldest Sister, 26 today! After going to see Green Day at Wembley with Middle Sister last night, she's off bright and early to Hampton Court Palace today. Have a good one, chuck.

I made a few things for her, including an iPhone case (which was demanded of me, actually) and a couple of pillow cases embroidered with a sea/fish/mermaid design. Guess what? Oh, did I forget to take any photos? Yep. They are pressies after all, so, naturally, I forgot. Will get Middle Sister to take some. Sigh.

But anyway, I do have some photos of the mug I sent her, but only because I had two printed and I have the other here! Good, old Vistaprint printed these up and the design is the same as the embroidery on the pillow cases:





Here's the only photo I have of the embroidery, a fish in progress:


Cool mug, though, huh? It came out really well; nice and clear and it washes excellently. I may get some more printed in other designs for the old crafty shops. I would definitely like to produce the mermaid design as an embroidery pattern to sell, that would be awesome. Got to get cracking on these craft shop ideas, but I'm always just missing a vital part of what I need to pull it off! Better get some supplies in ASAP.


Annie said...

That is indeed a lovely mug and you should DEFINITELY be selling them. Lucky sister!

Wibbo said...

Brilliant mug! Do more; I'll buy one :o)

pie said...

ooh lovely goodies, wish I was your sister! :)
definitely do more mugs, I think they're awesome and I'd buy one!

newdressaday said...

Such a fab mug!! Love Green Day too - I'm sure the show was ridiculously amazing. A friend is in American Idiot on Broadway and I cannot wait to go see it!! Happy weekend!