Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Polka Face

The last dress for now; still got one more polka-dotted creation to sew up but I'm a bit too obsessed with getting this cardi knitted and done to crack out the sewing machine!



With this one, I brought the waist line up by about 2 inches to make it into even more of an empire line dress. I like it a lot, but I did find the waist line tended to hoike up a bit during wear, but that could have been because I was carrying my bag around all day.

Sadly, there'll be no skirt made from the left over fabric as there is no left over fabric! I totally screwed up the top half of the dress and cut it, and the sleeves, on the wrong grain, meaning that when I put it on it wouldn't stretch and I couldn't breathe! Back to the cutting table with that. But it's a nice  outcome, I think.

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