Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Gouache Returns!!

Last night I got my gouache paints out of the lovely tin where they've lain undisturbed for about 6 months and actually used them. I roughly painted in Tiger's body, then scanned him in and overlaid the same black sections and line as Monday's Tiger. Check it:

The paint:

With the overlay:

And Monday's entirely digital painting for comparison:


This makes me VERY HAPPY. I've been so disinclined to use the gouache paints in recent years because the results are not tidy enough for my liking (anal alert), but if I can do lots of simple, textured areas, scan them in and add the detail digitally with the Wacom pen, then I think I've found a new fave way of working. The digital gouache effect isn't as nice as the digital watercolour, so I think this way round would be a good middle road. I can keep it fairly textured and random with the paint, then tidy it all up afterwards in Photoshop like the Virgo I am. Woo!

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