Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Red Shoes

I haven't fancied a pair of Crocs for ages, but these babies just spoke to me.



I bought some really cheap red pumps a few weeks ago, and, although they're nice and all, they offer no support whatsoever and wearing them all day is a bit on the painful side. So, after the inevitable red vs yellow dilemma, I got these; they are uber comfy. New shoes = happy.

My horoscope for today said this:

A group with which you're affiliated with, probably mostly women with children, could meet today and, as a result, you're likely to grow closer to some of the others involved. Some stimulating conversations could take place, possibly involving new ideas for improving your home life. Letters or phone calls could also come from friends or family members, bringing news that you'll be glad to hear. In the evening: try out a new recipe!

This afternoon was spent at Stanmer Park for a lovely bit of alfresco knitting with the Laydees, and tonight I'm making spicy pork burgers, which I've never tried before. Weird, eh? Freaked me out, anyway! But I suppose horoscopes have to be right now and again if only because of the law of averages.

In other news, the cardi is coming along. I've nearly finished the second sleeve, then it's on to the last front part. Woo!

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