Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Last Dress - For Now!

Boyfriend and I had the day off today, so I thought I'd try to look purty as we went out and about and so donned the new red polka dot dress:




It's the same pattern as the grey-with-blue-roses, so it needs the belt. I HEART red and purple together.

In other news, I've (belatedly) discovered the Heal Tool in Photoshop. Check this:

Straight out of the camera:


After adjusting the Curves, altering the Contrast and using the Heal Tool on my under eye shadows and the odd blemish:


Instant ten hours sleep; I need never rest again. Just goes to show you what magazines must do to every picture, and mine is just a clumsy first attempt. Crazy.


Jenny Leggings said...

Looking BEA-U-tiful as ever!!

Wibbo said...

Nice frock and I lurve the new shoes!

Deb said...

hello emma. looking grand as always. i cant believe how many new dresses you have made all by yourself! the purple belt looks lovely with the red as you said. dx.

Rona said...

And right purdy you looked too hunxxx