Sunday, 27 June 2010

Home Printing

So, over Friday and Saturday I made my screen and this morning I did eight prints from it:







My first attempt at a home-made screen is a long way from perfect, but I'm so glad I had a go as I've learned loads in the process. I think I'll leave anything with more than one colour (or two very simple colours) and lots of detail for the print studio and a photo stencil. But anything simple and/or blocky I can easily do at home. I think my screen block had dried out a bit too much as it was really thick and took ages to dry, which made washing out the drawing fluid really hard, so I need to thin that gubbins out a bit before using it again, or just get a new tin. I also don't think I need to flood the screen between prints as it was just too much ink, resulting in it getting underneath the screen in places.

But these are a good starting point. I may play about with cutting areas out and layering embroidery or fabrics behind as I planned to do with my princess prints. (Yep, only managed to plan two so far; knew I would.)

The most exciting thing of all, though, is that the home-made printing table works AWESOMELY and I am very glad to have it. Cheers muchly to Boyfriend again.

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ralphDubber said...

Looking good Em. Practice makes perfection. A clever boyfriend is priceless though, bless him... Keep practicing with the wacom too, you'll never turn back