Wednesday, 26 May 2010

PBK 10

This the work from the Open House at Jubilee Library I'm currently taking part in:





The light was rubbish in there, so I apologise for the rather dull photographs. I like the hanging of the work much better than last year, but I think this year it looks a little empty. I know I shied away from doing more than once piece, so I wonder if other people felt the same. It was very quiet on Sunday afternoon, only 10 or so people in, and I've hardly made any money, but I suppose people were making the most of the sudden - and now gone - summer weather!

My favourite piece is this wonderful paper sculpture by Meghan; I don't know how she has the patience to cut, fold and stick all those tiny pieces of paper! She has a lovely Etsy shop here with some fab jewellry.



PBK 10 runs this weekend, too, unlike most of the other OHs, so do go and take a look if you can. Top floor of Jubilee Library, open 11am-4pm Saturday and Sunday. Thanks.

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