Sunday, 23 May 2010

Print Planning

You know how I was banging on about how I was not sure what to do with my day on Thursday? Well, in the end (after EE and food shopping, and popping out again in the afternoon) I cracked out the sewing machine and made the final curtain for our bedroom (which I've only be putting off for like, five months or something) and the curtains for Boyfriend's Boy Room. Finally. We just need to put the curtain rail back up and they can be hung and the bottom edge hemmed, once I'm sure I've cut the two of them to the right length! (However, he has to clear all the crap from in front of the window first so I can actually get the ladder in near enough to hang them. Ahem.) Then I made up the little birdie that's now sitting atop my screen.....annnnnd take a breath.

What I didn't get to do (and haven't until this morning) was finish the plans for a new print. Lovely Deb challenged me on Twitter to a print-planning session and crit by the end of Friday. Oops. Fail there. However, it's here now, and Deb, I'd very much like your opinion. It's very rough at the moment, but I had the idea walking back from Tesco, laden down with shopping, as you do, that I would like to do a series of prints based on the fairytale of the 12 Dancing Princesses which also encompasses some sort of collage.

This is my first idea in rough:


Much like the inspirational embroidery collages I linked to a couple of weeks ago, once I've screenprinted the outline in one colour, I'd like to cut out a part of her clothes and lay either a fabric, a nice paper or some embroidery in a colour that matches the outline, behind her. I'm not sure if I'm quite prepared to make 12 of them at once, but I know I should as I'll only get half way through and move on to something else which has captured my attention, much like what has happened with my Scary and Fairytale Alphabet prints. (I am going to do something about those, though, when I can get back in to the proper print room. These I can probably do at home.)

Any thoughts from anyone? Thank you very much in advance.

This afternoon I'm off to look after the Open House exhibition I'm a part of. I went very briefly to the opening three weeks ago, but this will be the first time I've properly seen it all. I'll take some photos today, and not just on my phone!

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Jon Davis said...

I really like this, it's a lovely character and pose.
The 'gesture' is great, as they say in animation circles :)
Looking forward to seeing how it develops.