Friday, 28 May 2010

Retro-Tastic PJs

As it was so warm last week (where's it gone now, eh?) I made myself some summery PJ pants out of the retro charity shop fabric I hauled back in January.

This was my first pair, which is a little tight across the hips and bum:



The second pair I made bigger, but by waaaayyy too much, so these, typically, are too big and bunchy round the posterior. But you don't want your PJs too tight, now, do you?



I've cut my pattern (which is the Drawstring Pants pattern from the Martha Stewart sewing book I blogged a couple of weeks ago) down a bit so it's now somewhere between the two sizes, so hopefully my next pair with be fine! I've got some old duvet covers I'm going to make into another pair or two and I'm going to experiment with elastic in the waist band. Even Boyfriend has requested a pair! Maybe not out of the 70s purple floral, though...

I have loads of fabric left (I think they were sheets in a previous life) so I may try some kind of top half to go with them, or maybe a summery dressing gown...decision, decisions. But two pairs of PJ trews for pretty much free is A-OK in my book.

Thanks for all your congrats about the Spoonflower win. They've updated their blog now so you can read a bit more about it here. They had 116 entries in total and I received over 900 votes! Woo!

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