Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ta Da!!!!


This is Balthazar. He is a Bungry. He's the main character in a story called "The Glorious Voice of Balthazar Bungry" by the lovely Esme Floyd Hall, and I've been designing him for her.

Usually, when people email me and ask me to illustrate a book for them without a publisher, or if they're crazy enough to want to self-publish; I run a mile. But Esme has been published before, knows the score, and just wanted one image to send out to publishers with her text. I thought it would be fun, and add to my portfolio, so I agreed.

Esme is reading out "The Glorious Voice of Balthazar Bungry" TONIGHT between 7-8pm as part of the kids' Bedtime Hour on Festival Radio. Listen online here or on 87.7FM. Can't wait to listen! 

Update: It was AWESOME! It sounded so great read out loud. Well done, Esme!

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