Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Balcony

This is the state of growth on my balcony this evening:




The herbs are in their awesome Elho pots along the rail, and five out of my 6,000,110,054,979,458,457 tomato plants are now in buckets along the window. I ran out of compost during yesterday's re-potting so the others will have to wait for their permanent homes. The weather is supposed to improve this week and get warmer as it progresses (which is just great as I'm pretty much spending the entire weekend inside. Typical.). It's just what my little babies need to get moving and producing me some fruit.

I'm in a bit of an odd mood this evening. I usually go to Stitch 'n' Bitch of a Wednesday evening, but I'm just not feeling it today. (My knitting is pretty much at a standstill, anyway. I'll never get around to finishing Boyf's cardi at this rate.) I have tomorrow off, and the decision of what to do with my day is pretty much overwhelming me! I have Enforced Exercise and food shopping in the morning, then I'm free to fill my day as I wish. The pressure! There's also the feeling that I should make the most of it as come June and July I'll be working extra library hours on Thursdays, just for those two months, and so will really miss my Thursdays at home. I'm edging towards a bit of sewing, but also possibly planning a screenprint. Possibly I could do both, but I feel like I should spend some time developing some personal/portfolio/mail out work. Hmm, maybe this is where the fab print/embroidery combo stuff I posted last week may act as an inspiration.....

Too much stuff going on in my brain! I'll put up progress pics or sketches or whatever of my progress tomorrow, anyway.


knitty_kitty said...

Your plants look great. Unfortunately, slugs have eaten all of my seedlings, so all I will have are strawbs :(

Maybe see you next week? xx

pie said...

Missed you tonight! But I know what you mean about knitting being at a standstill - I see myself mainly sewing this summer, much cooler than lugging round wool! Enjoy your day off, whatever you decide! x

Catherine said...

Your plants are looking good :)
I'm growing veg and herbs for the first time this year, interesting to see someone else's progress. When did you start the seedlings?
I started my tomato plant from seed around mid March, and it is now a bit over 2 feet tall and flowering. Fingers crossed we both get a good crop this year!

Emm@ said...

I was a bit late with mine. I like to plant my seeds on Mothers' Day, but I think it was at least a week after that, if not two. So the short answer is early April!

Melli Pops said...

OOOO please tell me where you got those plant pots on your railings please!! :D <3 you xx

Emm@ said...

Cam, if you click on the pink Elho link at the top there, it'll take you to The Urban Garden, which is where I ordered them from.