Friday, 14 May 2010

Pink Neon

Excuse my raggedy cuticles, but check out the way this pink nail varnish GLOWS, especially next to the blue and the black.



The camera hasn't quite picked up how bright it actually is, so I've tried to enhance the pinks a bit. It's just amazing IRL, though. And I have the neon green to try next week, too.


newdressaday said...

Love this polish! A friend brought me back some when she went to London in the fall. I'm obsessed with it! Wish I could get it here :)

Emm@ said...

It is fabulous. I'd use Barry M over the more expensive brands any day. The only thing is I've been really lazy and not used a base coat over the past couple of months, so now my nails are yellow at the tips!