Monday, 24 May 2010


My fabulously talented friend Deb has been working with Mr X Stitch to produce some PDF embroidery patterns of her work! I am SO excited about these. How bizarre that I've been rabbiting on about stitching and Deb's been secretly working on these! I love it when things like that happen. I've bought the gardening Robotingtons one and can't wait to give them a go; they'll go with my very own Robotington who I bought from Deb at a craft fair in Manchester a couple of years ago:


You can get the patterns on Mr X Stitch's etsy shop here for the bargain price of $6. Go!


pie said...

those patterns are fab! I can see me making some poichases from that shop!

Deb said...

Thanks Emma. You did a better job of promoting it than I did. I am rubbish with words.Also thans for buying one-looking forward to seeing one in stitch form!dx.