Sunday, 3 May 2009


Well, Boyfriend and I had a lovely day yesterday, if a rather manic one. We had a nice, lazy morning then wandered into town which was HEAVING. Totally forgot it was the Children's Parade, plus the start of all the other Festival activities. Bah, tourists. We went to Show Below, loved Graham Carter's stuff, and then to the PV at the library.

I think room looked great. Much better than when I left it last Sunday! There's definitely room for improvement for next year, but as it is the first one we've ever done it was pretty impressive. I saw several people looking through my prints (buy them! buy them!) and one guy told me he'd be back next weekend with some cash, which was encouraging.


Look! My work! Up on a wall! V exciting.




Everyone's work looked really good. LOVE Lucy's pier and boats screenprints in the middle there.

Then Boyfriend and I caught a bus down to Hove and waited for half an hour for an ice cream at Marrocco's. Check the queue:


A rare glimpse of Boyfriend at the end of the queue, there.

They do home-make the best ice cream EVER, though. These babies are caramel and pistachio with two fudge sticks on the left, and banana & strawberry ripple with cookies & cream and one fudge stick on the right. Hom nom nom.


We bused it home, had a bit of a rest, then got changed to go out to dinner at La Fourchette, which was lovely. I had the best rack of lamb with the yummiest spinach I've ever had, and even managed not to get squiffy on one vodka and orange. After that we were both understandably knackered and went straight to bed when we got in!

Oh, and I also changed my hair colour again. Bit more on the cherry/pillarbox side of things rather than ORANGE. Really hope I'm not going to end up bald.

Right now we have eight made-by-Boyfriend bread rolls baking in the oven ready for taking down to Preston Park for a little picnic/BBQ later. Can't wait. Might even take my knitting.

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Deb said...

congratulations emma on your group show! your prints look great hung up on the wall. hope they do well and bring you plenty of pennies. dx.