Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fabulous Fabric

Right now I am enjoying a rare two consecutive days working at home! I've been doing a fair bit of library work recently - now that the big projects are done and I'm just working on a smaller writing project I've been packing in the extra hours to keep the bills paid.

Today, though, I've been able to work on said writing project. However, I had to pop out to the post office (and the tea shop, obv) this afternoon to post off one of my monsters I sold on Folksy (hurrah!), and walking around the town I came across this:



Weeeeellllll, I couldn't leave that in the shop, could I? Two metres of it accompanied me home and will be made into one AWESOME apron ASAP.

It was one of those days where I didn't want to come back home, as the sun was shining so nicely after a gloomy start and I liked the look of everything I saw. One of those afternoons where I wish I had brought my camera. Maybe tomorrow.... ? The best thing about time out like that in the middle of the working day is the opportunity to recharge the creative batteries, and I'm already bubbling with ideas for new prints (probably incorporating owls somewhere as I LOVE them right now) and some kind of stencilling. Watch this space.....

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Jenny Leggings said...

love the fabric!!!