Monday, 11 May 2009

Pirates & Socks Rock

The Hummingbird Spiral socks are done and dusted. I actually finished them last week, but had to wait for Boyfriend to turn up before I could get a proper photo of them in all their glory. I am very chuffed with these - hand dyed and knitted in a funky new (to me) pattern. Awesome.


I got home today from a full-branch-library-day-with-annoying-cold-bunging-up-my-head to find this uber-awesome surprise waiting for me:



A screenprinted postcard from the fabulously talented Debbie. Can you believe my card here is no.3 out of 149?! ALL hand screened?! The girl is crazy. Brilliant, but crazy. He's going straight up on my Wall of Cool. I love the Henry VII stamp, too. Hmmm....screenprints, stamps, Tudors, pirates, postcards.....ticks an awful lot of my Nerd boxes. Thank you, Deb!

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Jenny Leggings said...

What a pressie!!!! Loving the socks!!!