Monday, 18 May 2009

London to Brighton 2009

Yesterday the sun shone for a whole two hours, so Boyfriend and I went down to check out the Minis on their annual trip to the seaside. I live just off the course, so we got to watch them all the way down, too. I used to have a Mini (a lovely 1992 1.3 cherry red Mini Sprite - chrome wing mirrors, chrome GB on the boot, CD player - all the essentials a girl in her late teens/early 20s requires) and even though I lived at the beginning of the route for two years, never joined in. Dagnammit I wish I had. Anyway, regrets and nostalgia aside, there were some BEAUTS to be seen yesterday. Even briefly stopped to seriously consider purchasing one that was for sale (Turquoise, convertible, 12 months MOT, 6 months tax, only £2250) but only briefly. Boyfriend got even more excited than I did and he can't even drive!


This one has gold glitter in the paint. And check out the sparkles on the engine!











I can't get over how clean these engines are! They must wash them down after every trip. Or they're fake engines they just swap in and out.

Overall, had an awesome weekend with Boyfriend. Popped in on a few Open Houses up at Fiveways, went for tea (twice), found a lovely park, ate ice cream, looked at potential areas to move to come November, saw beautiful cars, had two consecutive lie-ins, walked a lot. What more could you want?


Jenny Leggings said...

Moi??? Jealous??? What awesome mini cars!!! sounds like you had a wicked weekend!!!!

Deb said...

mini cars are just excellent. perfect and small. my friend has a red one called betsy but she throws strops all the time. sounds like you had a great weekend! dx.

Wibbo said...

Ooooh, that purple one is luverly!

Emm@ said...

It had a purple leather interior, too!