Friday, 30 September 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

  1. The actress Lucy Liu is, in fact, a highly respected fine artist. She's been exhibiting for the last twenty years and currently has an exhibition entitled Seventy Two running at Salon-Vert in London throughout October.
  2. 32 count linen is INCREDIBLY hard to cross stitch on.
  3. The element Helium is so called because it was only discovered by studying the sun during a solar eclipse in 1868. An unknown yellow spectral line signature appeared, suggesting a new and unknown element. Helium=helios, from the Greek for sun.
  4. Emmaus, my fave charity shop and cafe, now has an online shop. You can buy lots of their interesting knitting patterns, as well as gift vouchers to use in the shop and cafe, Christmas cards and order resources - posters, flyers and the like - to help promote the chariddy.

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