Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Print Shocker!

I've finished my current set of roughs a little early, so this week I've had the chance to do a bit of personal work and get down to the poor, neglected print room today. I've been hankering to do a print based on The Owl and the Pussycat for about a million years, so I finally pulled my finger out and did it. Man, my feet ache, though. I've not stood up for that long for ages! Not to mention all the lifting of the heavy frames and the pulling of the squeegee and the constant swapping out of sheets of paper. Cream. Crackered. Anyway, here is the fruit of my labours:

layer one

two layers

final print

It's my first three-colour print; all the others I've done have been only two colours. The registration on the outline is a little off on the last picture there, but all in all, I managed to pull off three colours without too many hiccups! The more colours you do, the more likelihood there is of messing it up on the final layer and wasting all your hard work!

The purple of the background came out lighter than I was expecting, but I think it works OK. I may do another edition with a dark blue background, making the final image two shades of blue and the one green, but I'm not sure.

These will be up in my seemingly long-forgotten Folksy shop. Shocking, I know! I closed my online shops when we moved back in March (!!!) and I've not yet got around to re-opening them. What better excuse than a new print, eh? I'm going to permanently close my two Etsy shops, as that site just seems to have lost all its morals, and stick with Folksy alone. I've always fared much better on there, anyhoo. I'll also send a few up to the Church Street Gallery, if they like them, who sell some of my other prints, like my Wolf, for me. I've also worked this design up into a new promo card - my first this year (!!!!!!!!!!!) - in my usual illustration style, as opposed to the flat colours of the screenprint. My new banner up there is the B&W back of the card, which is the Piggywig With the Ring at the End of His Nose from the poem. I'll post pics up of both sides once good, old Vistaprint have delivered them to me. However, if you pop on over to my newly updated website, you can have a peek at it now. There's a new animation on the splash page and everything.

Right, I'm off to soak my poor, aching tootsies! (Wimp)


Jon Davis said...

Wow, cool stuff, it's really lovely. Like the way you've done the text too :)

Emm@ said...

Thanks, chuck.