Friday, 2 September 2011

A Friday Jaunt

Jenny and I went on an early morning jaunt today, all the way to Hove.

seafront 2nd sept 11

I went down to the seafront and cycled all the way along to St Aubyn's, then cut up there and had a brekkie of toasted chocolate brioche and Earl Grey tea at Treacle & Co (the best EG in the world is served there, btw. See previous Birthday Ice Cream post) before cycling back the same way. Woo! My legs made it to Hove and back with no problems and no stops to catch breath/rest knees! Huzzah! As I got closer to the seafront, there was that weird, hazy mist that kind of sticks to your skin as it obscures the tops of the surrounding buildings. The photo here I took on my way back at about 10.40am. It's still hanging around, but clearing rapidly. It was getting really hot as I approached home, and the knobbers who can't understand what a cycle lane is were beginning to come out in force, so I was glad I went out early. I do love seeing shops and cafes setting up for the morning; gives me a smug, up-early-and-being-busy feeling. Of course, now I'm a bit hyped up and not really in the mood for settling down and working this afternoon. I shall have to force myself!

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