Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Scarfage Appreciation

Now, I'm pretty new to crochet, as we know. The first proper thing I crocheted was my massive yellow shawl/scarf, which I have been practically living in since mid November. I also whipped up (I LOVE how fast crochet is) this stripy scarf for Boyfriend for Christmas, based on this pattern.


Now, since Crimbo, whenever Boyf and I have been out, someone has stopped us and commented on the scarves. Last week, we had a guy stop us in Pavillion Gardens and ask if he could take our picture (he had a Holga, so I let him). Then, not three minutes later, we went into a cafe only to have the waitress comment on the awesomeness of the scarfage we were displaying. Hehehhe! It does make me laff. The power of the hook!



Deb said...

hello em. great scarf wearing there. lovely and warm. dx.

Rona said...

Hello Em love the scarves and the cushion covers - hint hint-! Does your bf own a hairbrush?xx