Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's Been Snowing Again...

3.39pm today

Boy, has it. I wonder if from now on we will have snow every winter? Like back in the day when the Thames used to freeze and Frost Fairs and the like would be held. Snow settling for any length of time in Brighton is a rather rare occurrence, but now it seems to happen willy-nilly. Now that I am (supposedly) a Grown Up, time naturally moves much faster than it used to when I was a nipper. In fact, time has moved so fast over the last 10 months that I was rather perturbed to get another Snow Day just before Christmas, thinking that we'd only just had one, when, in fact, it was the previous February. Crazy. We had another yesterday, so I couldn't get a bus up to Mile Oak to go to work. Rather than going into Hove Library (which is my nearest and therefore walkable), I finished off the roughs for my latest illo project and got to feel all smug all evening. I doubt there will be buses again tomorrow, so I should really go into Hove. There are only so many Snow Days you can take without getting a bit bored of it all, right? Not that I don't love snow, it's just with the Xmas/New Year break barely behind us, I'm getting a bit confused as to what the date is, what day of the week it might be, and whether or not shops/work etc will actually be open and/or functional when I need to go out. It's rather messing with my internal calendar and I'd quite like things to get back into a nice routine now, please!

Annnyway, enough winge-bagging. Here are a couple of pretty useful and awesome Xmas pressies from Boyfriend that have been keeping my cold fingers toasty on the bus home:



I've been keeping them in my bag at all times in that lovely zipper purse which Steph gave me for Crimbo. Awesome fabric, right?

NYR Update: We tried to go to the cinema today, but thought better of it when we realised that if it started snowing again while we were in there, the buses would be cancelled and we'd be stranded at the marina. We came home and watched HP6 and snuggled under a blanket instead. As for new dinner ideas, I was going to make a sausage and bean casserole tonight, but, alas, no beans, so we're going for roasted sausage and red onion sandwiches. Classic.

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Holly said...

Oooooooooommmmmmmmmmgggggggggggg they're so cute!!!!! I heart them ^^ and the purse...that's some awesome material.

I shall leave you now :)