Saturday, 16 January 2010

Thank you, Deb!

I got home from work today to find an interesting box waiting for me. Inside was this:




From the lovely Ladysnail. Thank you so much, Debz! It's fantastic! No idea what I'm going to keep in it yet, so until then it's sitting on my working desk in pride of place.


Deb said...

hello em! gald you like it. i was given it few years ago with loads of buttons in but since the super mega clean of 2009 - ongoing - i have no use for it. was shame to part with it and there were a couple of beady eyes on it but i wanted to share out the spoils. i know you like your decorative tins.dx.

Liz said...

I remember those! - we had one in the pantry when I was a kid, with (I think) flour in it. The whole Johnny-Depp-as-Willy-Wonka thing in the last picture is slightly scary though...!

Emm@ said...

Thank you again!

Emm@ said...

Hahahah! Loooking at it, the boy does look a bit like Willa Wonka!!

PG said...

Oh children! Some of us oldies can remember when this was the height of trendiness and the very epitome of is lovely and makes me feel all nostaligic.