Friday, 15 January 2010

Ahhh, My Right Eye...

eye7thjan10 I do sigh when I see how luvverly thou dist looketh Thursday last with green shadow upon thy surface. How annoying red and swollen you now are with some kind of weird-ass dry patch that seems to have taken on a life of its own (verily). How drippy and wet both you and your sibling are today, which, like, totally sucketh.

Ow. My right eye is red, sore and puffy, my left eyelid is just red. And a bit scaly. I hate the winter wind, I hold it entirely responsible. Actually, looking at this photo, you can just see the beginnings of the redness above my eye lid in the middle there. Bumholes.


Catherine said...

That eyeshadow looks so striking! I never noticed your eyes were such an unusual colour (kind of blue-green-hazel?) Jealous!
Not so jealous of the sore, red puffiness...allergic reaction perhaps?
I once got a nasty sore stye on my eye...cured it pretty quickly using (cooled down) tea made with thyme, applied with cotton wool bud twice a day. Maybe that would help with this too?

Emm@ said...

Awww, *blush*.

It's much better now. I changed moisturiser and I don't think it liked me. Back to the old E45!

That thyme tea tip is a good one,though, I'll bear it in mind.