Monday, 15 June 2009

Crochet Project no1 Completed

I finished my first full crochet project this weekend. It took me a week in all. Wow, them there hooks are fast! So I hereby present The Massive Yellow Shawl:



In the words of the Lovely Kate: Holy Crap, it's HUGE. Sure is! But I was using up stash yarn and wanted to use all of it. I've already embarked on another shawl, but this time it won't be quite so mahoosive.

In other news, I have again changed my hair colour. Something a little more like my natural colour. Boyfriend helped me do it Saturday night, and, 48 hours later, after going out to work and everything, no one has yet noticed or commented. I suppose that means it suits me!


I'm off to the print studio again tomorrow. King and Queen are ready to go and my apron is packed! Hopefully if the light is still good by the time I get back I will have photos. I've not yet put the other prints up in my various shops, but I'm aiming for the weekend.


Deb said...

your hair looks grand Em. i wish mine was exciting. its just long and boring now. congrats on finishing the shawl! it is a tad huge but will be like a half blanket of hugs when you wear it. dx.

pieandsunshine said...

Holy crap, it's HU... oh wait, I already said that :)
Love the hair!

Holly said...

Mum says your shawl is v impressive :) And ze hair is niiiiice :D

I'm SO BORED. I really can't revise anymore...


(^Me giving up, btw)

Jenny Leggings said...

Its amazing!!!! Love the hair and your shawl is all kinds of awesome!!! I especially like the colour, bright yellow is great!!!