Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Crochet, Here I Come!

As I said last week, on Saturday we went off to Yarn Over in Eastbourne, and while we were there Lovely Annie taught me how to crochet. So far I have managed a few blocks, a slightly floppy circle, and wait, for it, this AWESOME granny square:


OK, granted, it doesn't look like much, but this is a huge step forward for me. I tried to learn to crochet last year, but my brain wasn't having any of it. This time, it's making sense to me. I even understand the diagrams better than the written instructions, which defintely doesn't happen when I read knitting patterns! It's loads of fun, though. (I must try to remember I have a knitted cardi on the go, and not to abandon it in this flurry of new excitement). My aim is to have crocheted a shawl to wear to Sam's wedding in slightly under two months, so I'd better get a bit more practice in!


pieandsunshine said...

Yay!! go you! that's so cool - I see you got hold of the Happy Hooker book too - fab, isn't it?

Sibyl Harbinger said...

Crochet is great fun, isn't it? And I find it a lot easier than knitting once you get going. The square looks great, and a lovely bright colour too. Happy Hooker is a great book to start from.