Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Nails, New Shoes


I went for a pedicure last Wednesday. Never been for one before, but it was lovely. Felt a bit too girly for me to make it a regular occurrence, though! So here I am modelling new, red, sparkly nails with new, red, shiny flip-flops. A present from Boyfriend. He does do good, that one.

Anyhooooo, after all that retro inspiration last week, I came up with ideas for a new Fairytale alphabet. OK, OK, so I haven't actually completed the last one I started (you know, the Spooky one), but I think having two similar yet contrasting projects on the go will make it all the more interesting. (As long as I don't mix them up, of course. That would be very, very wrong.) I was at the print studio earlier today and printed up "C" and "L". No photos as yet, as the light here is rubbish this afternoon, but I plan to take some outside on Thursday if the summer returns. In the mean time, here's a sneaky peak of just a little corner:


1 comment:

Holly said...

Aww, she's so cute and sparkly and new!!

And blue. A pretty blue :D

Sozzers, in a slightly weeeeeiiiiird mooooood...hmm...