Monday, 1 June 2009

Star Pirates Unleashed!

The two pirates books I was working on at the end of last year/beginning of this year are out in the shops today!

Check 'em out:








It is the first time I've done black and white work, and I really really enjoyed it. Can't wait to do more junior fiction titles in the future. I'm really quite chuffed with the finished books (although I think the paper could've been thicker to make the illos brighter, but that's just me being picky), especially with that last spread, which is my overall favourite. Out in the ships* today! Woo!

* Unintentional typo, but thought I'd leave it in as it was rather appropriate!


peri said...

Gorgeous illustrations - shame J is too old for them - they look great.

Deb said...

Whoah! Em-these look fab. I will defo be checking them out. Hope you get to do something similar again very soon.dx.

clare said...

They look fab, Emm@! I love you black and white illos! What children's age range are they aimed at?

Catherine said...

Fabulousnusness. :-D

Emm@ said...

Thanks everyone! I feel you are NEVER too old for pirates!

They are aimed at kids who have mastered Early Readers, but are not quite up to something like Roald Dahl, so aged around 5-7ish.