Thursday, 18 June 2009


Yesterday, naturally just before I was about to leave for work, I discovered that you can add your own artwork to your iTunes playlists that don't have any. I know, how behind the times am I? But it was a very exciting discovery. I spent all of yesterday evening consolidating and adding artwork to everything, particularly my audiobooks. I went to bed near 1am, and even though I left SnB early last night to...ahem...get my ironing under control, I didn't even touch the ironing basket.


Now everything is all neat and tidy and labelled. I am such a Virgo. And I learned something new! I have to add, though, that I was only trying to distract myself from the fact my external hardrive seems to have divorced my computer. I can see and hear the damn thing working, but I'll be jiggered if I can get my computer to bloody well recognise it. I'm hoping it's just a power issue and that I can just get a new adaptor and problem solved. If not, it means I've got to get a nice man to data-retrive everything for me as ALL my work is on there. This is bad. You think you're doing all the right thing with backing it all up externally, but really you need to back up the back up! I'm going to get a large stack of blank DVDs ASAP.


Deb said...

just swear at them both Em, the computer and the external and tell them how silly they are being. did they have a big fall out over the washing up? dx.

Emm@ said...

Hard Drive didn't pick up his pants off the bedroom floor AGAIN.