Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Retrotastic Illos

Instead of actually putting my ideas down on paper today, I've been completely caught up in looking through all 150 pages of the AWESOME "Retro Kid" Flickr group. SO much inspiration there; I'm actually really excited and dying to get scribbling!

Here are some of my faves from the group:

My creation
1. Story-A-Day, 2. Dealer News, 3. The Man Who Invented the Helicopter, 4. Fun With Mind Reading 2, 5. Fun With Mind Reading 1, 6. What's the Good Word?, 7. Dan Lawler 2, 8. Dan Lawler 1, 9. Bookmobile, 10. New Sun, 11. Out of this World, 12. Zombie Girl, 13. Pan-Am, 14. Lehigh Cements, 15. Merkin Magician, 16. Naiad 3, 17. Naiad 2, 18. Naiad 1, 19. True Goes Shopping, 20. Lowell Hess 1, 21. Golden Magazine 1, 22. Camel 1, 23. Sauerkraut!, 24. Doctor's Diary, 25. Lowell Hess 2

All these were uploaded by Glen Mullaly, who appears to have exactly the same taste in vintage illustration as I do, the dude.

I have a session booked in the print studio for this Tuesday coming, so I can't wait to get in there and produce something inspired by all this research.


peri said...

Aren't they great? My Ma has some really old vinyl ep covers with similar illustrations on them - I've loved them since I was a kid.

Deb said...

these are brill! i saw this on your flickr page. the only book i have that looks owt like this is called 'this is new york'. i find it very difficult to find olde worlde illustrations. i try and hunt around for them wherever i go.dx.