Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I'm Not Impressed With This, Mr. Colinette

These are, or should I say, were, a pair of Hubbo socks, that, according to Ravelry, I finished knitting on December 31st 2011. So, after a mere year of wear, this is the result:

broken jitterbug3

broken jitterbug2

broken jitterbug1

The yarn is Colinette's Jitterbug in the Jamboree colourway. Now, I know Hubbo isn't exactly light on his feet, but he has pairs of socks I knitted him four years ago using the exact same method that are still going strong, only those are knitted from other sock yarns. What makes Jitterbug different is that it's 100% Merino wool - no added Nylon for strength. Gah! It's bloody lovely yarn, but at 14 squids a skein, I'd like something a little more hardwearing, please and thank you.

I have another Jitterbug pair on the needles right now that's 85% complete, but these have somehow made me reluctant to finish it. Ah, well. I suppose all I can do is finish them off, give them to Hubbo, let him do his worst and keep future Jitterbug skeins for gloves!

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