Thursday, 24 January 2013



This thermometer was stuck on the side of our 50s cabinet. I LOVE how it's from a company based in Portslade, which just goes to show this baby has never left the area. I don't know if the whole cabinet would've come from Mr Harber, or just the thermometer. Either way, it's making me happy. I think it's still working, too. When I took it off the cabinet it read 70ºF, which I think is about 21ºC, which sounds about right for our living room. When I took the photo, it was in the window sill and had been there for about half an hour, reading 59ºF/15ºC, which also seems feasible.

AND, what's making me even happier is that HJH&S is still going strong, albeit on the Southwick/Mile Oak, rather than central Portslade. 

 I'm definitely going to give it a good clean up and stick it back on where I found it.

Eeee, I do love me a bit o'history.

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